A nice surprise for GBA owners

User Rating: 8 | Crash Bandicoot XS GBA
This game is a decent platformer on the GBA, but it is way to repetative and way too easy. The graphics are ok, but they're not great. I think that its cool that Crash is now a multi-platform game, but its first appearence on the GBA isn't all it could have been. First off, the fact that all you are doing is jumping on a couple of enemies in one level is boring. THere are only a couple enemies in each level, so the main focus of this game is destroying crates, which gets broing or so after the first few levels. I really wish this game had difficulty levels because its really easy and really short. I would reccomend this game for kids under 11 years. Otherwise is your a Bandicoot fan try to pick up the originals, but if you don't have a PS1 or PS2 pick up one of the other console Crash games. Still though if you must insist on getting a platformer for the GBA this one should be it. I myself am sick of playing Mario and want something new.