Take screenshots from Warped, put a not-so-classic story to them and you get this.

User Rating: 1 | Crash Bandicoot XS GBA
I had some hope when this came came to GBA... But within 5 minutes into the game, I can tell there were a bunch of images we have seen in Crash: Warped. Remember when Uka Uka was talking to Cortex about failing again when they were sitting on the Time Twister? Edit screens from that conversation and you get the result you see from the intro. That is always a big down. Taking images from a older game and just ripping them off. The story was not impressive either. Take "Cortex is going to take over the world" and change it into "Cortex is going to shrink the world to take it over". There were things from Warped that were also recycled in this game. The music *cough*. Several of the songs were remixed versions of Warped music. And even for GBA standards, the graphics are terrible.

So in all honestly, I do not see why so many people think this game is so great. Is it their first Crash game played? It is a recycled hunk of scrap. It is just another Crash game... a terrible one at that. It is just... bad period.

Suggestion: If you want to play a real Crash game, play the games for the good ol PS1. At least Naughty Dog did not recycle a whole bunch of things from their other games the way Vicarious Visions did with this one.