You like Crash? You like Spyro? So now they are both of them together in one game!!!

User Rating: 7.3 | Crash Bandicoot Fusion GBA
I Bought it in end-mid August 2004 when i was in USA shortly before i traded my old GBA in a used GBA SP in Las Vegas.

I liked both Crash and Spyro and they both were my favourite games on the PS1 so my mom advised me to buy it since i wanted to buy Pokemon Fire Red but it still wasn't in the stores... I finished this game in 3 days...

The Sound... well we can expect big things from the GBA but the sound is fun and nice.

The Graphic is very good a 2D or more actually "2.5D" and it very nice to see that the GBA can "catch" it!!!

The Gameplay of course you play as Crash (in the parallel game you play as Spyro...) and the controls are comfortable for a GBA game!!! The plot isn't "amazing" of course...but the levels themselves are very fun and you can find there the lovely boxes from Crash and few characters from Spyro and it's a great combine between the 2 games. The game featuring a nice and not boring levels with bonuses that contains plenty of funny cool mini games!!!

If you bought the parallel game too you may collect cards by buyng them or earn them and transfer them as there are exclusive cards for each game.
also you can have a cool Multiplayer through a Cable or Wireless with other player in plenty of modes which are similar to the mini games + few extra modes!

The is a very fun game that can easily makes on your face a big smile and is very recommended by me if you want a simple and fun game!!!