A nice nostalgia trip

User Rating: 7 | Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy XONE

Crash has been absent since 2008 so what better way to re-introduce him to the public than by remastering the first three games that turned him into such a classic character? It's a smart move by Activision so I am tipping my hat to them. Fans have proven time and time again that they are itching to play the classics (we are gonna see the same results when Spyro comes out in a month or two) so it was an easy win-win. It was just a matter of how far they'd be willing to take the remaster.

Visually, It's a huge step up from the consoles of old but I still feel there could have been a bit more done. They don't look at polished as they could have been for graphics in this day and age. Yes, We have been a bit spoiled with how good games have looked lately but when really all they had to do was touch up the graphics, They could have done a bit more to improve the overall quality. I was not a fan of how they stuck to some of the designs of original characters rather than reimagining them a bit to make them look better.

The gameplay is thankfully the same and the fun is in the simplicity of it but that also adds to the frustration. The platforming has to be precise with each move, There is no room for error. So if you don't have a perfect run from checkpoint to checkpoint or to the end of the level, You are screwed. And that's what is so frustrating. Some of these levels make me wanna pull my hair out, They make it almost too difficult to beat while others are just a walk in the park in comparison. So I somewhat agree with the difficulty spikes but to me, That mostly applies to just the first game. I haven't really had that issue in the second or third because the difficulty slowly grows harder and harder rather than just immediately jumping from 0 to 100 like in the first game.

Aside from that, Nothing else really pops on the screen to me. Needless collectables, The ability to play as Crash's sister was a pointless addition and that's about it.

Overall: 7/10
I love playing the games no matter how frustrating they may be. It's been a blast playing this classic trilogy and I hope that they continue Crash with a whole new game but they have to do something with the almost punishing difficulty. Tone it down a bit, Make it more fun and less frustrating to play. I shouldn't have to feel like breaking my controller everytime I play.