Quite possibly the best deal you'll ever get for any collection!

User Rating: 10 | Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy PS4
For any gamer that grew up in the 90's and played alot of Playstation, Crash N Sane Trilogy is an essential part of the PS4 library. It not only revitalizes the games graphically but it does an amazing job at giving you everything you remember in terms of gameplay and then some! Being the 3 parter that it is, the game starts off with a selection screen showcasing the 3 games ahead of time so you can easily jump right into your favorite Crash game and have a blast! And if you want to switch things up, you can play the others at any point so there's no obligation to complete one after the other. That was one of my biggest concerns and I'm glad it was put to rest. As far as the gameplay and design goes, well just chalk that up to what you remember about the games. If you liked the design then, you'll still like it now. And if you hated the design then you'll still hate it now. Basically, it's targeted for the fans and I can assure you that any newcomer is gonna hate the difficulty of the games as Crash Bandicoot was never about holding your virtual hand like today's adventure games. That said, experts in the arts of Bandicoot acrobatics will find some new replay value added to the games as well like time trials in Crash 1 and 2 along with Coco's time machine that let's you replay any level or future level as Coco. Sadly, there's no advantage to choosing Coco but there are no weaknesses either so just think of this like selecting Luigi in the original Super Mario games. The music is also fun and has been remastered too but it's still really recognizable. All the songs are there and not rearranged to some bs remix like what Capcom does with Street Fighter 2's music every year. Graphically, the trilogy shines the most. Maybe it's the nostalgia talking but I honestly feel like this is the most beautiful PS4 game I have ever seen! Crash's fur is so luscious in the wind as he treks your favorite worlds and even Coco has a ridiculous amount of detail with her fur being perfectly trimmed showing us that the crazy Bandicoot's sis is no stranger to personal hygiene, unlike her older brother. The voice acting also been redone but it's more than welcomed considering how bad it was in Crash 2 and 3. Despite the new voice actors, they retain the same script and they compliment the wonderful animation quite nicely. Good god, I could go on and on with how much they got right with this collection! It's literally every Crash Bandicoot fan's dream come true! The amount of work put into this is so well done that it honestly feels like a waste of time to play the original PS1 versions on the big tv unless your PS4 is inaccessible! Like Crash or hate it, this game does what it promises and is well worth every penny! I could not have asked for more and could not bare to hate it in any way!