fun fun fun

User Rating: 10 | Crash Bandicoot 3 (PSOne Books) PS
one of the best crash games of all time why its a real gem(unlike some games) u must have it the good
almost everything
the bad
some later levels are hard
like crash 2 the game has its flaws but not many flaws,it was the last platforming game made by naughty dog who then made crash team racing for ps1, and uncharted for ps3 and jak and daxter mostly for ps2 and much more
this game is still fun today even after almost 11 years.
gameplay 9/10
music 10/10
plot 7/10
voice 6/10
overall 10/10
this is an awsome game any platfomer fan should get this it is THE BEST CRASH BANDICOOT GAME OF ALL TIME LOL thank u for tuning in to FOXHOUND the end,./ [;'./ ] 29375837 1823o392 12345567890-= qwerty 213576 1204738 ka57s better then crash 1 2 4 6 or 5 or ctr cttr cbnk cbnk 2cbnk 3d the end end end.