This game is great! PLAY IT !

User Rating: 8 | Riot Act X360
Crackdown is a great game! Worth playing of course. The city is great and your super skills are amazing and fun. Running around in the city or driving around anywhere you want is also a great feature in this game.

Skill upgrades: A reason that makes you keep on playing. Lets you upgrade your super cars and lets you climb up to the highest of building (and jump off :P ) The game lets you fight against multiple enemies and destroy whatever is in your way!

Weapons: These are the source of the destruction in this game which makes it even more exciting and addictive. You can also upgrade your firearms and explosive skills.

Running around the city doing whatever you want is just plain fun.

Bad things : Once you finish the game you cant do anything else except fight against police. The city becomes kind of empty. There is only 1 city you play in, so thats also annoying.

But overall play it its a great game, fun and worth playing!