Crackdown is a pretty fun game. Don't let the fact that the Halo 3 beta is bundled with it fool you on that.

User Rating: 8.9 | Riot Act X360
Crackdow. It's a pretty damn fun game. I mean, how many games give you the role of a supercop, who can jump around on top of buildings?

picture spiderman, minus the licence and the fact that gameplay is tied to a strict storyline. or GTA, only with super powers, and the fact you are technically a good guy.

Gameplay: its really fun. easy controls, and plenty of control over your movement and everything. the auto aiming- sure, you might sneer at this- is very good. it allows the gameplay to proceed as it is supposed to, that is being able to shoot criminals while jumping over their heads, or from building top to building top.
score= 10.

Graphics: very good. it's a very nice game to look at, and the style is great- cell shaded style black lines around everything, and textured colours inside the thick lines. it is strange when you first look at it, but with a 360 hooked up to an HDTV, its real pretty. explosions look real nice.
score= 10

Sound: the licenced music is crap. nothing decent like in GTA, no themed stations. fortunately, the ability on the 360 to play your own music seemlessly in the game renders this irrelevant. the speech is great, corny voice acting, but that is what is called for here.
the sound is good, with some real nice explosion sounds
score= 8

Value: ah, now. this is where it falls down.
i got around 35 hours out of it, and im not sure how many you'd add with the new content. BUT the vast vast majority of those hours were in co op, so i messed around with my friends a lot. the game is really quite short. co op and achievements save it from being put back in the box after ten hours. and then, you have to remember that the demo was out for a month or so beforehand, so maybe i got a few less hours from it....
however, you have to remember that it gives you entry in to the Halo 3 Beta!
score= 8

i really enjoyed Crackdown. it is a great game idea, and well executed. there are few places in which it falls down, but these places do hurt it.

it doesnt deserve all the crap its has been getting about how bad it must be to need the Beta to sell it, but i have to admit, the Beta is a big sweetener.
i recommend it, and even more so if you have XBL gold.

my tilt= 9
total score= 8.9