Cool stunts,explosives and free roaming gameplay this' game is just ONE MASS OF FUN!

User Rating: 8.9 | Riot Act X360
Crackdown is a really good game BUT with a short singleplayer but if you beated singleplayer you gonna stunt and jump and shoot everything and get all the Archievements and after that; you just play the whole game over again and again and again... Almost everyone says: 'Aah there's another GTA Rip-Off... ' That's ttally not true cus this is a whole other game with other gameplay. Its totally unrealistic with those overwhelming stunts and explosives.
This game aint got a real good storyline but it doesnt matter to me cus this' is just Fun.

Conclusion: If you want a game with an overload of action nice explosions and stunts( just read the review ) then buy Crackdown.

Thanks for reading my review.