Basic first-person shooter that offered a lot of fun. Ahhhh...The good old days...

User Rating: 8.5 | Half-Life: Counter-Strike PC
I never play this game anymore(except for a few rounds with strangers, people I barely know!!) nowadays since there are new fps out there which is way more cooler and fun to play. But I'll rate this game 8.5 since it really brought some least a few years back...

Its basically your straightforward shooter game..but it recquires more than shoot-em-all type of gameplay.
Well, basically its a shoot-em-all but where else would you have to learn strafing, the "jump-crouch"(whatever you guys would call it), the perfect hand grenade lob and perhaps the greatest skills you could brag to any of your friends - the no-scope snifer rifle kills(at a very long range) and of course the knife kills.

Yeah, this is where some of us learned the essential basic skills that we would bring onto the next fps game we manage to acquire(minus the jump-crouch).

The game physics are weak and times unbelievable(sometimes it let's you say wth!???) compared to Half-Life but maybe it is not the game's selling point back then.....
Graphic are ok by the year y2k's standard. Sounds are ok too.

One of CS feature is the console tab much like half-life. It lets you configure controls and even let's you cheats, which is neat(impulse 101, haha).
Although sometimes it annoyed the hell out of me with someone using cheats that eventually diminish the gameplay value. Like cheating something where you just aim anywhere and shoot and then someone would die. And there's the cheat where you automatically purchase h.e grenades and toss a lot of them 1 grenade per second!!!( I never actually figured out that one)

Counter-Strike is a good old FPS which eventually as time pass, like people, wears off and replaced by a new and fresher(although not necessary revolutionary) generation. But hey, this is one of the early FPS focus on multiplayer gameplay. At least CS can't go wrong with that.