This game was once great, but after updates, this game is slowly falling apart.

User Rating: 6.5 | Counter-Strike: Source PC
Remember the Roman Empire? It was one of the greatest civilizations on Earth. But slowly, the empire decreased and eventually fell apart. This game was once at the top of the mountain, but is now crumbling to pieces.

Lets go back in time; it's 2004. The community was nice and intelligent, sniping was more fun, rag doll physics were cooler, and most of all, BULLETS REGISTERED! Ah yes, those were the days. Frequent updates made the game easier in some ways, making the 10 year old's roll in. The community was deliberately more stupid, VAC2,its anti-cheat system started getting worse, and what was once a game involving strategy is just a bloodbath of rushing.

The graphics are great, if you have a "steroid" computer and have it on high settings. You can have decent graphics on low settings if you have a decent computer. But us people who have lower-end computers, there will be a lot of lag and/or choppiness.

Sound is pretty good, not the best, not the worst. Gun sounds sound a little like plastic and the radio sounds are the same, but footsteps and "splatting" of bodies on the ground are splendid indeed.

The value portion may be a little biased on my part, because I don't really like the game. If you're a preteen, have fun because almost everybody on this game has the mentality level of a child with turrets syndrome. Hackers and the bad community will probably turn you off if you are intelligent.

I once loved this game, but after updates, it has deteriorated greatly since its retail version. Maybe after updates, this game will get all of its glory back.