Issues with voice and binding keys in CS:S

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I am unable to press V or bind any other key to talk with my microphone in Counter Strike: Source alias voice+ "+voicerecord; alias togglevoice voice-" alias voice- "-voicerecord; alias togglevoice voice+" alias togglevoice voice+ bind togglevoice I know I can use this bind to re-bind a key, but it won't work Here's what happened: I downloaded HLDJ (64-bit) and tried exported some .wav sound clips into the Audio folder inside HLDJ folder. The .wav sound clips were 16-bit and 11025Hz (standard values to make them work) but they didn't work in-game. I uninstalled the 64-bit version of HLDJ and got the 32-Bit instead. Again nothing worked with the sound clips. I uninstalled and deleted HLDJ from my computer completely Now I can't even press V to talk in-game with my microphone and I also cannot bind any other key to voice I even uninstalled Counter Strike and re-installed, still the same result of voice not working at all. Please help, and thanks in advance.
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usually a re-install will fix the problem. If that doesnt work, you may want to restore your computer to a previous setting where it did work