This game simply doesn't reach my expectation.

User Rating: 7 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC
The game is a bit better than css, but still nowhere near CS1.6.
Great graphic improvements:texture, models, shadows, etc...But then there's a "little" problem.It makes the Ts and Cts look alike, and i usually mistook my enemy for my teammates.
The ambient sounds are realistic,but quite irritating, especially the inferno map. Chickens just running and clucking everywhere, which caused distraction in a stressed match.
The weapons feels the same, just like Source, and the new weapons aren't really impressive(the molotov grenade is good though). The damage of the weapons is more balanced. Now the M4 doesn't have a silencer anymore (a letdown), but still lacks power compare to the AK47,which is still as strong as ever, despite it's higher price.
What disappointed me the most is the local server creation. The game doesn't allow me to create my own local server anymore, but instead force me to play in already existed game modes, so i can't set the money amount, # of bots, freeze time, etc... so i can't train my skills like i previously did with previous CS versions.
The spray paint is removed. In fact i never expected it to be removed since it's harmless to the gameplay, but...well.Hope valve will return this feature in the future.
Overall, CS GO is not a bad game to play. But it has removed a lot core factors which makes CS, CS. Valve added some unnecessary things to the game and it affects the gameplay like distracting ambient sounds and confusing enemy/teammates distinctions. CS1.6 is old and needs a successor, and CS GO is not a true successor like i expected it to be.