It's just nice.

User Rating: 8.5 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC
This game is just 15 dollars and it's 100% worth it, it has new menu to buy guns,more maps, and more graphics, it's has more game modes but the one i enjoy most is the "Classic Competitive" it's a rank system with Counter Strike a 5 vs 5 Rescue the hostage or defuse the bomb. What i don't like about this game (That a lot of people complain too)? The Valve security system, They just banned you for no reason (actually yes you get banned if you do something wrong)for example Teamkilling: Yeah that's good what can be wrong with that? Sometimes you throw a grenade and you have a bad team, it was a accident (Fail), and it teamkills have team (remember they are just 5) you get banned, for a lot of kiks. Why is that bad? A lot of times teams when you join them the other people are friends and they kik you for no reason. because of that i've been banned twice unfairly..... they should fix that besides that the game is perfect.