One of my all-time favorite online FPS comes back to consoles.

User Rating: 8.5 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PS3
Playing this new 'Counter-Strike' reminds me of my days on my PC, playing version 1.6 for more hours than I would like to admit. It still brings me joy, endless anger, and frustration at the same time. It still pains me when I can pull off a shot that would make people's jaw's drop, because I know it may not happen again. It also pains me when I can't hit the broadside of a barn of an AK-47, even though my enemy is right in front of me. That is the love and hate with 'Counter-Strike'. Thankfully, there is much more "love" than "hate".

So, what's new with this 'CS: Global Offensive'? Well, for one thing, it's on the PlayStation 3. And for you CS vets out there who own a PS3, that can be a good thing. I will state the obvious, however.........if you own a PC that can run this game, I HIGHLY recommend playing this game that way. Nothing beats a mouse and a keyboard while playing a FPS. And due to the sometimes brutal difficulty of CS, the console versions can be annoying due to the controller.

The game looks great in all of it's HD glory here. Yes, these are all maps you have played before, but they are changed a bit and look fantastic. The feeling of nostalgia was heavy while playing this online. Overall, the game runs great, looks nice, & sounds fantastic.

There are a couple new gameplay modes that some people may like. These two modes are run-and-gun type modes that change up the gameplay quite a bit. I am not a fan of either, as they both take away the strategy and subtlety of the original 'Bomb Defusal' or 'Hostage' type of map.

If you are new to CS, be ready for a completely different experience than you are used to in other online FPS. There is no upgrading weapons, perks, skills, or anything else to purchase. You buy what weapons and gear you want before each round and that's it. I am a veteran of the game, but even I, after all these years have gotten used to that, "carrot at the end of the stick" type of gameplay that has you trying to get that next level or upgrade. CS doesn't have any of that. What keeps you playing will be the great gameplay and it's as simple as that.

My biggest problem with the game is the fact that it has separate sections for bomb or hostage maps. And there aren't that many maps to play, in general, but the hostage side of the game really gets the shaft with only two maps. In other words, if you want to play bomb maps WITH hostage maps, that isn't happening. And if you want to play hostage maps at all, you will be stuck playing 'Office' & 'Italy' (admittedly both great, legendary maps) over and over. This is a RIDICULOUS oversight and needs to get patched. Or Valve needs to get some more hostage maps online to add to the variety. But, as we all know, Valve is completely worthless when it comes to improving their console versions of I won't be holding my breath.

In the end, CS has aged very well. I still enjoy playing the same maps over and over again. I still enjoy the thrill of the game and even the anger I get from it, as well. There is no sense of progression here, so any potential buyer should know that going in. And keep in mind, Valve has been notorious for abandoning their console games after launch, so don't expect much in the way of DLC or patches. And there isn't really a single-player game to speak of (you can play with bots). But since the game is only $15, I think it's worth it. You will get countless hours of online shooting. Just be aware, CS is not for the faint of heart or people without patience.