CSGO play it again and again

User Rating: 8 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC

Counter Strike Global Offensive is a concrete follow up to CS Source. With constant updates and smooth gameplay it is near the perfect online shooter. But lets start with the bad points, first of all the game is riddled with hacks which can ruin a ranked game as you are either forced to leave and accept a penalty or carry on playing through the practically unbeatable round. This is probably the worst aspect of the game other than this the fact that you have to now pay for gun customizations that are created by someone else is just terrible.

This said CSGO is one of the few games that has made E-sports what it is today, it is a fair game that you can just pick up and play (if you don't count hackers). And always leave you wanting just one more game.

Recommended game value - £19.99 8/10

Conclusion - Not a game for everyone and can be frustrating at times however is definitely one of the defining FPS games out there and if you enjoy it the first time you play it, it will keep bringing you back for hours of fun.