The franchise that started multiplayer FPS stays true to the classic and is now even more polished!

User Rating: 9.5 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC
I must have played over a thousand hours of the original Counter-Strike game, since 2000, which is why I had doubts when I bought CS:GO. I must say that I'm very pleased with what they've done!

First, they greatly improved the user interface, making it easier to go where you want to. The matchmaking system for competitive play works great so far and you can always go back to the classic server browser when needed. A quick access to the various game types is provided in a meaningful way.

Game play remains true to the classic with all of the original maps coming back with better visual quality. They even integrated a variant of "Gun Games" which were very popular back on original CS. There is also a practice range and offline play with bots for newbies.

Graphics are not the latest and greatest but this allows even a low end computer to run it smoothly and this is what's most important.