CSGO Review

User Rating: 9 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC

With over 100 hours put into this game, and not even beginning to feel burned out. There are, however a few flaws that I'm sure will be ironed out with the frequent updates.

The game offers an immersive team-based experience that gets the heart racing at every turn. So far in my experience, there hasn't been a game that I haven't had the longing to win; most players in the game compliment the game's features in order to create an interactive title.

Internet latency, or ping, is a major issue with this title, and is what is holding it back from the ten score. even with the small thirty ping I achieve in game, there is small rubber-banding and instances where i (and my friends) have been killed by an enemy simply because of the internet difference. I hope that valve will continue to try and sort out these minor bugs in the future to establish a more fair and enjoyable game than this already is.

Matchmaking times, especially in competitive are quite poor. I see that there are hundreds or thousands of people searching for the same map as I, but it still takes up to seven minutes to find a game. If Valve cannot find a way to solve this, I would recommend adding a minimal/ recommended internet connection to have a reasonable matchmaking experience.

Despite these minor flaws, I would still very much so recommend this game to someone that enjoys a first person shooter, but might want a more competitive or professional setting.