Better then expected!

User Rating: 8 | Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC

I came into this game with very little expectation for its success, after playing years of CS from the days of 1.3 up until its final release of 1.6 at a competitive level. Its hard to convince someone like me that Counter-Strike could be re-released as a updated version of its predecessor. I feel like failed epicly with CS:Source, that game felt nothing like 1.6 actually it felt like a completely new game with similar version of maps. CS:Go is probably the closest game so far to bringing back to those days of the original 1.6 with a few perks that actually make it better in some aspects.

Gameplay: Standard fps that isn't friendly to your run and gun style. It revolves some sort of skill and when you play competitive you will find that its not a forgiving game. It requires focus and team co-operation. This game is made for multiplayer as there is very little single player content. Matchmaking is where this game shines, no longer are players searching IRC and forums or leagues for a scrim or match. You are given a rank that does fairly well at placing you with evenly matched players. You will encounter hackers who will ultimately ruin your experience but if you can see past that the game is very well made.

Graphics: Up to date on today’s standards for computer graphic’s its nothing super special but it doesn't burn your eyes to play.

Replay Value: Considering its completely a multiplayer game and has a competitive (E-Sport) side to it. It comes down to how much you enjoy it, if you do you will find yourself going match after match trying to achieve higher ranks or you will log in from time after time to mess around on a public server. Either way replay value is extremely high.

Overall this game is a win, and if you are into the fps genre it is a must have. It will never replace 1.6 in the hearts of us old timers but it does justice to the name Counter-Strike.