Any idea How_to add more BOT's on CS.GO...??

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Ok ok back in the day when we was playing on PC with BOT's we where able to add more Bot's to the map and do a huge kill boost, any one of you here know how to or if is in planing for a new patch to add more BOT's to CS.GO on PS3...??

Thank you  in advance. Frag OUT!

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In "Classic Casual" just go to the consel and type in "bot_quota #" # to the amount you want. In "Classic Competitive," it takes modifying your folders (I have this game from Steam)

Counter Strike Source Global Offensive

Adding Bots to Competitive Mode

  1. Counter Strike Global Offensive Folder
  2. CSGO folder
  3. CFG folder
  4. gamemode_competitive
  5. Change the bot_quota to the number you want and save
  6. Go back to the CSGO folder
  7. gamemodes
  8. Look for the line competitive then the line maxplayers and change that line to the number you want and save

Hopes this helps