Great game, easily picked up CHEAP from any game store, worth adding to your games collection if your into online games!

User Rating: 7.9 | Counter-Strike: Condition Zero PC
Great value game, should but it if your lokking for another action game to add to your collection!
If your is fairly good buy Counter strike source instead, much better, but this is still worth playing if your into fast paced online play!
The sound is fairly good, grapics are fine for the time it was made, and the game play is fast, built on the halflife 1 engine, this should be a sure fire winner for any keen halflife player.

A wide array of weapons are at your disposal, including the FAMAS, the AK-47 and the M4.

So if your looking for a cheap thrill, this what your looking for! Everything you need for a bit of good messy fun! But I doubt its re-play ability, this game will probably not last long if you don't put enough time into it!