The best FPS game ever made

User Rating: 8.2 | Counter-Strike: Condition Zero PC
Counter strike condition zero is arguably the best ever FPS game today.There is just so much you can do with the game and as such……..making choices is really difficult!!!!.Well that just shoes what counter strike is capable of doing.On campaign you and a team compete in various levels set out for you.Or you could just stick with LAN ( Local Area Network ).On LAN, condition zero features dozens of maps to play with right from a mansion to a train station.Two teams are available for you,Counter terrorist ( C.T ) and Terrorists ( T ).From there on it’s going to be a killing spree for you…..and hope that you are not on the receiving end of gunfire.Weapons will differ from the two teams so choose wisely.To conclude this review I would like to say that Counter strike condition zero is an amazing game for the PC and a game that will appeal to every gamer around the world.