Just when u think that there cud not be any online game better than cs u willingly eat ur words after playing cs:cz.

User Rating: 9 | Counter-Strike: Condition Zero PC
One of da best first person shooter i've ever played. The no. of weapons,maps,campaigns,missions really get u hooked up to ur comp for hrs at a stretch. u can choose from an arsenal of pistols,assault rifles,machine guns,sub mg's and the trusty sniper. Weapon physics and sounds are amazingly life like other than the campaign u can start ur own offline mission based on the classic cs maps. If u r ready for a shooting challenge cs:cz is just the game for u. Though the graphics engine show little improvement over cs1, objects of the environment and the interaction between the player and the environment is very realistic. U will realize that u will need to take cover behind walls,boxes etc more often while undergoing a head to head shootout. Play as a terrorist or a CT doesen't matter, the CTs have the M4A1 and the terrorists have the CV-47(or better as the AK-47) which give u a heck more headshots than any other gun. For me cs:cz is a great game
near perfect!