Counter Fight Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    There are 9 bronze trophies, 3 silver trophies, and 1 gold trophy.

    Broke a lucky cat Bad karma
    Cooled the beer Cool beer
    Take over 1000 points in endless mode Counter Fighter
    Fight off robbery Don't come again!
    Take over 500 points in endless mode Employed manager
    Satisfy customers for the first time First time sales
    Attacked an employee Harassment manager
    Play 5 minutes challenge mode Hurry and hurry
    Drank an energy drink Kitchen Dranker
    Complete the tutorial Opened Today
    Take over 100 points in endless mode Part-time job leader
    Attacked the customer Rough shopkeeper
    Cooked a dish different from order Stubborn shopkeeper

    Contributed by: Kelayr