An original and truly unique gaming experience

User Rating: 7.5 | Costume Quest PS3
I'd like to think of Costume Quest as a mini RPG that is a charming adventure of young twin siblings Reynold and Wren. The game begins with you choosing one of the pair and the other getting kidnapped. The game has a substantial amount of things to offer. First the task's the game has you complete are very different from other games, mainly because this is a Halloween set game. There are a few different Halloween tasks that can be completed such as bobbing for apples or finding hiding children around the area which are quite fun. Second although the game is short (around 5-6 hours almost 100% completion) it mirrors a more epic RPG game. The battling system is done in real time close to a real RPG but much more simple. If you are a hardcore gamer looking for an intense RPG than this is not for you. The game is cute and asks simple task's that are fun. The only real negative to this game besides the fact that its so short is the price, at $15 its not the cheapest game on the PSN but it is worth it if you would like to experience an enjoyable and new kind of game. If you would like to play a fun short game that will make you smile and suck you in for a couple of hours than you should definitely check out Costume Quest.