This is a great game.

User Rating: 8.8 | Cossacks: European Wars PC
Gameplay: The gameplay in "Cossacks: European Wars" is like non that I have every played before, when I first played it. That is to say in terms of the battles fought in the game. There is still the micro-management like anyother RTS games like building things and collecting minerals and wood and food. The first thing I would like to meantion is the time periiod, There is the first RTS game of it's kind to be set during the "renaissance" time period. Meaning that people used matchlock and flintlock guns. Also the Battles are quite diffrent as well. You can create thousands apon thousands of troops and line them all up and have them fire huge vollys of bullets at the enemy. It's quite enjoyable to watch men topple over and all. You also get to control ships which can change the battle in many ways like they can help with laying waste to the enemy base and help out with land battles from sea... if they are close enough that is. Well in the single player part of the game there are five campains which take you between 16th to early 18th century Europe. and there are also thirty six tutorial missons, 10 single missons and twelve hisotrical battles. There is also a multiplayer part of the game which can host up to seven players fighting against each other.

Graphics: The graphics are allright but they are definatly not the best for the time. It is is mixture of 2-D characaters and enviroment with 3-D buildings. The movement of the characters are fluent which is nice and the effects of things are not bad either but could be done better. Also everything is very colorful and nice to look at.

Sound: The sound is quite nice. THe voice covers are well done and the explotions are good too, it sound like the accuall thing they are suppost to be.

Value: All in all this is quite a fun game for anyone who loves history or RTS games because of the shear size that you can get your amies at. There is also a huge replayability with this game with the multuplayer and you can play the single player over again and still have fun with it. So I give this game 8.8 out of 10