Greate gameplay and strategy

User Rating: 8.3 | Cossacks: European Wars PC
When I started playing the game, I was not expecting the high detail of the game and the sound!
The units are nicely done inculding the warships, I love the battleship with it's cannons firing constantly in to anything it can fire apon!
It took me a while to master but I have finely got the hang of it!

The troop movement I find is realistic, where there prepare to fire and fire in a line not all over the place! On one game there is no Iron on the map to mine, I did not realise how to get more, until I saw my market, which I built and the enermy were coming in there 100's! The I bought as much as I could, and all my unitls and towers opened fire! Fantastic!!!

I have recommended this game to my friends and they play it as well!