Man thats tanktastic

User Rating: 8.3 | Cosmo Tank GB
Cosmo tank is game in which you control a tank/jet and attempt to save a group planets. In order to save the these worlds naturally you kill every moviung thing you come across. Once you have recovered the planets energy core you are free to move to another planet and save it as well.
Controls are strardard fare. the A botton is fire and the B botton is proton bomb or whatever the bomb is called. the outside portions are top down which give you the birds eye view of the world. However the inside view has a nifty H.U.D. display and doesnt let you see your move backwards which is fine because there is always fight music when there is foe near you.
There are three songs in cosmo tank: Outside song, inside song, and fighting inside song. All three are pretty good because four electronic sounds they pick to play over and over again are good ones.
Overall the game takes about three hours and there is no save feature to breakup the action but if you have nothing better to do or you want to show off to you girlfriend that you are big nerd like she keeps telling you. Go for it live a little.