Kids only need apply!

User Rating: 9 | Cosmic Family WII
This is a kids game. This is not for adults. This game is geared towards younger children. This is not UT III! My 4 year old finished it and continues to play it and LOVES it.

The games are interactive, the controller is intuitive. The game play is simplistic and the graphics are unimpressive. This is a kids game!

Anyone reviewing this for someone over the age ove 8 is missing the point. I played a little with my kids, one is 4 and the other 7, and while I wasnt overly excited it didnt suck. My 7 year old got bored pretty quickly but it was great to see him working to help his little brother play it better.

This game makes for a great family experience if you have young children that always seem to get left out of other multiplayer games due to difficulty. Don't discount this game if you have a young'n in that same place because mine thought this was a very cool game. Of course, now that he has learned the controls so well he has moved on to Smooth Moves and is getting close to beating his brother and I in Tiger Woods now - whats the point of that? This is a great stepping stone game for the young set and in case you missed my point... its a kids game! :)