A Superb game for a kid

User Rating: 9 | Cosmic Family WII
I gave this game such high score and praise because my 3 yr daughter loves this game.Let me repeat that "my 3 yr daughter loves this game! See this game is not about me or half the people who have played it . It is gear toward a young audience and does the job exceptionally well .With fun puzzle and activities ,nice learning curve,great little story,very colorful cast of characters and very non- linear game play .It allows her to do or play as she chooses but with reward.It only uses the the Wii remote and very easy to navagate through.She has beaten the game twice but that should tell you how much fun she has playing it and it has help her development.Bravo to Ubisoft and I hope there is a sequel.Please listen to the opinion of a parent and not the critics on Gamespot. Thumbs way up on this little gem!