User Rating: 4.4 | Corvette PS2
Corvette is a racer that needs to be forgotten in the long history of uninspired racers. Obviously, you can only race as a Corvette against Corvettes which, needless to say, gets a little repetative. As you race, you can unlock different colors for your Corvette of choice and make miniscule adjustments that hardly increase the preformance whatever Corvette you happen to choose. Another annoyance are the loading times. They are so long you can swallow a whole pack of ex-lax and not worry about your race starting with you still on the can. The environment looks blocky and poor, but the cars themselves do look rather nice. The sound is good at first until you realize that it's all the same. The cars themselves may sound slightly different, if there's a difference between potatoe-pototoe, but that's as far as it goes. The handling is final nail in the coffin. Taking turns is pretty much a hit or miss kind of deal. You had better get used to smashing into the guard rails because the other half of the game is driving. Overall, the game could be worse but not much more so. Maybe only for diehard Covrvette enthusiasts who like long loading times and cars that handle like a school bus.