Never liked 7 Up but loved this game!

User Rating: 9 | Cool Spot GEN
7 UP, back in the day, was THE SOFT DRINK alongside Pepsi. However, I always thought the drink was watered down @_@. Needless to say, the game for Genesis was right on the money. I first played this game as a demo. After that, I just had to get it. Don't remember where I got it, but it was worth every cent.

You play as a 7 Up Spot that walks and sorta talks. He is a cool spot (hence the title) with nice big black glasses and some white high top sneaks. He was awesome in my book. Your mission is to rescue other cool spots - male and female (I think) in cages. Don't ask me how they got in cages, that's over thinking it.

The enemies of the game are everyday enemies - spiked cans, spiders, rodents, even Lobsters when close to the water areas. Your attacks are limited though. You only shoot 7 Up circle bubbles concentrated enough to exterminate your enemies. Your supply is limitless, however. You also face final bosses of each level or area such as a killer wasp or something. With each level or area, the difficulty rises and the enemies get faster and/or smarter. The obstacles also increase.

The graphics are pretty good for a 2D plat-former. You travel to areas such as a beach (the introduction area), inside the wall of a house, a room full of toys, etc. You realize how small cool spot really is when you notice a hand hanging from the beach bench or by stepping in some gum and gets caught or flung back.

Cool Spot's tunes are pretty hip. He moves to the beat when you're not moving him. There's a different song for every area so you never have to worry about something repeating.

There are also plenty of bonus areas too.

Even though there were no saves for the game it kept you coming back for more. There wasn't a particular plot to the game, but who cares? You're a cool spot and you can do whatever you please and mess up things with 7 Up bubbles! LONG LIVE 7 UP..