awesomr game of worth playing on the snes system

User Rating: 10 | Cool Spot SNES
i well i rented this along time ago then never saw it again after year 2006 i got this game again i can't remember much about the story about this game but i know this is alot of to play i remember u start at the beach u have to make it to the finish line just playing u have to rescue your friends from a build in cage i beleave u have to collect red dots in this game there r about 8 to 10 levels i love the bonus game u have to collect all red dots & the letter before times run out there r many badguys that will stop u crab's with underpants the gameplay is not bad its like playing super mario bros. sonic the hedgehog at all u get power ups in this game u 7up drink that give u health which i like the way they made the game there clock to give more time well other then that i recommend on getting this game on the snes