How a game that is practicly a 7 up advertisment ended up fun to play i will never know.

User Rating: 8.2 | Cool Spot GEN
When you first go on cool spot, you will see that cool spot is actually surfing on a huge bottle of 7 up, obviously you going to think "Cash in - im guessing the development team havent put to much time into this game." Yes, the game avertises like hell, but seeing as the game is great, it doesent really matter. The ammount of detail on graphics that have been put in to the game is great, all the level backgrounds are orriginal and dont hurt the eyes, the animation on cool spot and the enemies look good also. But some of the enemies are a little bit blocky. The way that you kill enemys is a little flawed, you though white balls at them, some times the bad guys are to low to hit. One incident i can think of is when a small crab is on a sloped hill, you cant hit him until he is right next to you, and its quite hard not the get hit. Its actually quite hard to get the hang of a first. The music on each level sounds good, and really matches the setting and cool spots carecter. The sounds do get a little repetitive, you have to jump alot and it gets quite irritating. There are 11 levels which doesent sound like much, but there quite long and very enjoyable, so you you will propaly play threw the game more then twice.The game gets quite diffucult, and some platform bits are frustrating, your be dying a few times before you finish the level near the end of the game. It has a great old school platforming feel to it and is definitly worth adding it to you collection if you already own a genesis.