This game is so repetitive, how could anyone make it through all the dishes.

User Rating: 6 | Cooking Mama DS
Flailing with stylist in different ways is fun, but...there has to be more of a combination to it. Just slash, slash, slash, tap, tap, tap, is hmmmm repetitive therefore the brain goes straight to autopilot. Sometimes, autopilot is alright, when there's a story or animations or a desirable goal involved. Most games have both, this game has, let's count, none.

Its not easy enough or interesting enough to capture casual gamers, and provides no motivation or challenge for, how do we say, armchair warriors. What were they thinking, because I see the potential. Particularly for people who enjoy management, virtual life, or puzzle games.

I hate to go on, but since I have to, I'd like to see this game involve some storyline aspect, such as, inviting your friends to dinner. Or, some creative aspects like your be able to make your own recipes. How about cooler reward and challenges, winning a cook off for example. Winning special ingredients. Again, so much potential...