A cute little cooking game starring a cute little woman named Mama.

User Rating: 9.5 | Cooking Mama DS
In Cooking Mama for Nintendo DS, you are introduced to Mama, a great cook and your mentor in this microgame masterpiece in the vein of WarioWare. Using the stylus as an assortment of various cooking tools, Mama instructs you on making various entrees and you play minigames to cook the food. Making Fried Fish has never been this entertaining. Mama's a silent type, but when you fail, she turns satanic and starts to yell at you (silently of course, but with flaming eyes and clenched fists, she's one tough mama.) It took me about two months until I finally found this game at an EBX. The game is affordable and of course, very fun. It gets addictive a bit too easlily......soon Mama will addict you to the point of insanity. This game is by far one of the most creative on the DS, and I'd reccomend buying it now. It's quite a popular game, and it's not for girls. It's for all genders, ages, races, whatever! It's just one of the best games to come out of Nintendo's oven since the GBA Pokemon games and WarioWare Twisted.