Cooking mama is a fun game where you get timed to chop, dice, cut, splice, and cook your way to the top!!

User Rating: 8.5 | Cooking Mama DS
When you first start cooking mama, you will have a few recipes to choose from which you will have to make, sometimes you will also find after you make a recipe, that a new one will appear! To get a gold metal, you absolutely can not mess up!! You have to score a perfect 100 to get one! To get a silver metal, your score has to be around the 90's and a bronze is around the 80's. If you score lower then maybe 75 you will not get a metal at all. If that happens, you can go into the practice mode and work on the things you had trouble on. Their are still some things that even I can't do, even after having it for months!! A fun recipe that is a good recipe to start out with is a simple, but fun to make sandwich! Once you get a gold on it, then I would try some of the harder recipes instead of trying the harder ones first!! I hope you have fun playing this game!!