Better than what people say! (in my opinion)

User Rating: 9 | Cooking Mama 2: Dinner With Friends DS
This game has developed quite a few new features... It made me especially happy to see that mama now has different outfits. You can mess with her style.. A LOT! She has earring variety, bandana colors, and not to mention a colorful ball gown! You can now customize the whole kitchen, from the walls, to the clock, to the sink, to the clock timer, to the progress gauge!! And to add on to all those amazing features, there's an option to change the colors of all of mama's cooking tools.
Something I found interesting was the addition of a diary that you can keep your favorite recipies in. You can add crazy stickers (Which was hilarious if you unlocked the expressions and facial features) and there is tons and tons of unlockable stickers, styles, and tropies! If you get REALLY good at the game, then you can also play in a mode that allows you to cook for mama's friends. The hard part about cooking for friends: one mistake can make the friend cry, and the recipe a failure... But don't worry!! Mama will fix it :D