Mama's back with for revenge

User Rating: 8 | Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop DS
Mamma's back for revenge with the back in the series yet, who mama say's become boring. The mini games are the best yet with chopping chocolate and frying becoming increasing addictive. The recipes range from candy apples, the return of old favourites of tempura to pickles and popcorn. The different mode such as shop with mama where you have to run around the shop collecting fish and eggs while failing miserably to avoid running into shoppers and lose hearts. But the don't worry the addiction kicks in and you end up replaying till you eventually win. Mama may be old now but she's not going down without a fight and this game shows that. There is limited mic usage in this game but that doesn't stop the game being just right in difficulty and a game to remember and dust off when you're bored and need not just to see mama's eyes but hear her voice telling you that she will fix it dashing your hopes of a 100% finish. So overall this game is the best mama game yet and is a definite for mama diehard fans and even new fans as well.