Control is unique game, very interesting

User Rating: 10 | Control: Ultimate Edition PS5

Control is a good game, it has a lot to offer to keep you entertained. The gameplay makes you to progress overtime (I mean, there are a lot to learn, to control, and to master). There are mission to get used to each power.

The story develops very well, very interesting. A lot of info to collect that helps to provide a broad details to the story. There are two DLCs that complete what the main story does not cover.

The game is difficult, it is required to master all the features of the game in order to make easier many bosses to beat.

There is a feature called "assist mode" that makes the game far easiest (you can calibrate how easy you want the game to be). You can be immortal if wanted.

What I did was to complete the game without the "assist mode". After completing it I started to use the assist mode to get all the trophies ("Platinum").

It is important to complete the DLCs given that they are part of the story... Also make easier get the platinum trophy.

The game is not long. I think it was like 20-25 hours all.

Now, I played this game on PS5 since beginning. The graphics are good, it is not a beautiful game with a lot of color and open world, however, it has a lot of physics and things moving around. I am not sure how the power of the PS5 is being taken advantage. However, the ray-tracing effects are presented on the glasses (the glasses creates a mirror effect of the environment). Other benefit I think is there is the loading time, during the game you have to go around to different places too often, it is important a fast loading time. It is not seem to be super fast (since there are some seconds to wait), however, I did not compare with PS4, it is likely that if takes some seconds on PS5, it will take much time on PS4 so it is important to save a lot of time.