Classic Contra is Back!

User Rating: 9 | Contra 4 DS
This game is really well put together. It is classic Contra and that really couldn’t make me happier as a retro-gamer. I really like it when franchises get rebooted, or come back to life. I’m glad Konami just bright the classic appeal of the arcade Contra back in the hands of the players. I believe the graphics for being on the DS are stunning and well done, you could tell that time and effort was put into the graphic design on this game.
The game play is total Contra, if you don’t know what that means then you’ve never picked up a Contra game before. Just like the game guide said, easy is no walk in the park. The game is mildly to extremely frustrating, which is I think the reason why we love this gaming series so much.
I can only hope that this helps kickstart Contra series for the home consoles and continue to keep true to the 2.5d look and feel that made this series amazing.