not bad not good, better and awful in parts hard to say its barely out weighing the bad with good

User Rating: 6.5 | Contact DS

series(only if I've played this in a series )(not in this case)


well its an rpg like game but more or less like hand held rune scape (i don't play it) anyway its goods are :plot,and some gameplay music. the gameplay ideally very well made. battle idea is good but repetitive only lasts a little bit. music nice catchy not like final fantasy music but overall pretty good. plot is what carried this game through its repetitive life time. now its bads: battles are repetitive,tilt is ok and value is none. i will say its got a value to long to rent / waste of money i would say don't buy it but defiantly play your friends game. its long but easy.

genre score 5.0/10.0


this game features some awful things and some good things in it but really the good out ways the bad a little bit. even if if you have a good friend who has this game they will try to sell it to you or give it to you. in reality this game is ok and should only be played when you are stuck and you need some fresh nothingness to clear your mind.

overall score 6.5/10.0

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