A truly unique and engaging game with a chock full of suprises. Come read my little review here. :)

User Rating: 9.1 | Contact DS
Well, I must say, Contact is quite a game. And also not a game, in the sense that you are...YOU! Yes, that is who you are in this game, amazing concept isn't it? You play as yourself, speaking through the Nintendo DS to a professor who needs help. Along with yourself, the professor has enlisted the aid of a young man named Terry, who, unlike most RPG characters is devoid of amnesia and spiky hair, OMG, a first for a RPG. Terry, however, does not know you exist. You are his conscience, his guide, and his inner voice. Combat is very MMORPG style, where Terry attacks the enemies automatically with basic attacks after you've initiated "battle mode". Though you do not have control over Terry's basic attacks you do control his special abilties, also known as techs. Different techs can be aquired by outfitting Terry with a variety of different costumes which in turn grant numerous other abilities, like the ability to take raw meat found in the wild and cook it, thus granting the meat new ability buffs and health power for Terry to use.

The graphics on the top screen, which display the professor are very reminscent of the old SNES classic Earthbound and the bottom screen displaying a hi-res "realistic" look. Some locations are simply gorgeous, such as the beaches you first land on.

The sound is superb, with varying soundtracks that play according to the mood of the game, the music is very fitting with the game and changes tempo quick. Very nice music. the sound effects are numerous and well done, but the only thing annoying with the sound is when the professor trys to communicate with you at various points during the game, and when you're using a headphones the random beeping could very well give you a headache.

The stat system is...simply awesome. Every little thing Terry does has a stat. From cooking to melee, to running, to magic. Terry levels up not by reaching a master level ala Final Fantasy 7 but he actually can level up a single ability at a time as you play. For example, run around alot, and he will gain a level up in speed. Attack with a sword often and he will build up his strength and slashing ability. Take big hits and he develops HP. A very nice system of leveling that can lead to having a very customized Terry each time you play the game again if you so chose so.

Now, you're probably wondering does this bastard have anything bad to say about this game? Well yes I do. The game can get alittle hard at certain points, and character grinding is often the best way to overcome a boss. Nothing wrong with that, but some people may be put off by the thought of clearing dungeons over and over again in preparation for the boss. However, some people love building up their character intensely as I do, and therefore may not have a problem with it. Also, the game can sometimes fail to offer you a direct idea of what you need to do. You're often left wandering around trying to figure out what to do. Some purists may see this as a good thing though, as it leaves an element of suprise and mystery in the game.

Finally, this game is overall an incredible game, packed with laughs, a fun level up system, strategic battle system, and a unique and engaging story. I encourage anyone interested into RPGs or the quirky, to check out this game.