This game is awesome! And much like Earthbound.

User Rating: 9.5 | Contact DS
Contact will always be one of my favorite games on the Nintendo DS. This game has a story like no other, and a lot of it is up to you to decide. And, unlike most games, you don't play as the main character, but you control him, and he realizes it at a point in the game. This game is kinda hard to understand until you play it. So, this game is very good. The graphics are as good as they can get, when it comes to 3D, and game play is great, but there is one problem, and that problem is, the fighting system. You don't go up to your enemy and press a button to hit 'em, but instead, you equip your weapon like usual, but you just wait by the enemy and wait for the character to attack on his own. That's pretty much the only problem, although there is one thing that could have made the game better, it was very short, although making it longer might have changed the charm of it. One of the things that makes this game so cool is the unique leveling-up system. You get the basics, and such, but you get extra stats such as reading. It doesn't really do much good to level-up that stat, but it's neat that they put it in. The plot though is what makes it so great, and the music is just awesome, also. So, if you like Earthbound, RPGs, or you're just in the mood for a great game, pick up Contact for the Nintendo DS. Let's hope they come out with a Contact 2, so we can understand the story a little better.