After 10 years, I still find myself playing it.

User Rating: 8.9 | Constructor (1997) PC
You may have not heard of it - but it's a classic.

Gameplay 9/10
The gameplay is all about fun, the game is all about fun. You build, fight against rival "Constructors" who attack your turf. You can set Hippies, Yobs, Mafia, even a dodgy electrician on them. This game is hilarious in every aspect. The interface can take a bit of getting used to, but you can pick it up after about 15 mins and its second nature after an hour.

Graphics 8/10
To some they may look dire, but they look awesome with such a primitive engine! There are video animations at every corner - and the buildings look good.

Sound 8/10
Some very funny voiceovers and sound effects. Not much music though.

Value 10/10
I bought this 10 years ago and I'm still playing it.

Overall - this game is very entertaining and some places quite challenging!