Constructor Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to get the specified trophy.

    Install a top-of-the-line computer in a property owned by the Major 133MHZ
    Play all maps for at least a year each ALL THE SIGHTS
    Have a single tenant produce 7 children BABY BOOM
    Cause a foreman to retire . . . permanently BREAK A LEG
    Create your first Gangster Bribe BROWN ENVELOPE
    Have a worker knock out 5 enemy workers without dying BUILT LIKE A THUG
    Evicting your 5th tenant in one game CAN'T GET ALONG
    Upgrade all Resources in one game CAPTAIN OF INDUSTRY
    Capture 3 rival properties CHANGE IN HOUSING AUTHORITY
    Upgrade all rooms in one property CHANGING ROOMS
    Destroy an Undesirable Building CONTROLLED DEMOLITION
    Fully stock all types of resources COOKING WITH GAS
    Picket 3 rival resources simultaneously DOWN WITH THIS KIND OF THING
    Have 3 or more tenants with positive moods on one development EVERYONE NEEDS GOOD NEIGHBORS
    Produce 3 Gangsters GODFATHER INFLUENCE
    Have a guard dog protect a property GOOD DOG
    Build your first commission GRAND DESIGNS
    Upgrade a Resource HEAVY INDUSTRY
    Earn 100,000 in rent during a calendar year HIGH ROLLER
    Maximize the efficiency of a foreman's work force HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
    Accomplish a housing authority mission HOUSING AUTHORITY LETTER
    Cause infestation of 3 properties on Upper Colon development INFESTED COLON
    Get your first inmate JAILBIRD
    Produce a Super-tenant KNOWLEDGE IS POWER
    10 or more simultaneous complaining tenants LANDLORD FROM HELL
    Get 5 police officers patrolling MAXIMUM SECURITY
    Win all other trophies MISSION ACCOMPLISHED
    Build 5 developments with 100% land usage NEW TOWN SYMMETRY
    Solve your first tenant complaint and be rewarded NO MORE COMPLAINING
    Produce a fully weaponized Gangster PACKING HEAT
    Start an undesired house party PARTY LIKE IT'S 1997
    Pay $50,000 in Tax Bills SELF-ASSESSMENT
    Build a commission on the original hardcore difficulty TOUGH ENOUGH ?
    Build 100 properties TRUMPED

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold