A must-play simulator game!

User Rating: 9.1 | Constructor (1997) PC
I have nothing much to say, ut I have to admit that: this game is excellent
Well, in the game, you start with 2 worker group and some enemy (not oppoment), and start to build houses for tenants. It's not only building woods house, cement factory,... to build house for the tenants, you have to take care of them, like plant tree for their front yard, upgrade their rooms, etc. But, they will "work" for you, not just pay the rent, they will "born" some child for you to create worker, or even gangster. Talking 'bout gangster, the important character in the game, they can attack the enemy's building, "take care" of the enemy's worker. Besides of gangsters, you can rent some villants like thieves, hippies, junkies, or even ghosts, zombies to attack the enemy, make the game funnier than ever.
This game has excellent game play, good sound and graphic. It's better to play it in DOS mode, and play with friends, even the AI is good