instant classic with dissonant cpu opponents

User Rating: 8.6 | Constructor (1997) PC
Constructor is one of those games you love for all the little details and the unique gameplay. Basicly it's a building sim with a lot of black humor. You start out at your HQ and begin to build the basic buildings for you ressources e.g. a saw mill to gather usable wood so you can construct your very first simple houses. Then you bring in the first lodgers. While keep on building up more and more stuff your variety of houses and gadgets will increase. I'm not going into detail here but you will have your mouse hand busy. The goal of the game is to perform the various given missions like gather 1 million cash in 40 years get rid of a enemy lodger etc. You will also have some helpful stuff like police guarding your hood or a bad plumber who smashes those pipes in enemy houses. It's very important to have you lodgers satisfied because from them you will get your cash and additional workers, lodgers. I can't describe the moments when you have to get rid of some hooligans who are having a party in one of your houses or seeing a hippie attract some workers with his own little street party. The game is full of funny stuff like that and everything is covered by a small animation videos right in your HUD. The downpoints in constructor are that you easily loose the overview when your place gets crowded and happenings are just to overwhelming. Also the cpu opponet seems to have little trouble with exploding houses or other stuff which easily would cause a game over if happening on your side. Also some missions are pretty hard to succed. But you can play the open mode where you won't be bothered by that or you could hook up with a friend and make your own rules. Constructor is certainly a fun game with a lot of depth. I love this game because of it's style and depth. Everybody who is into RTS and humor based games shouldn't miss constructor. And with an DOS Emulator you still can enjoy this instant classic.