Its like space starcraft..... deserves game of the year also

User Rating: 9.4 | Conquest: Frontier Wars PC
if your a fan of real time strategy and you liked starcraft, i suggest conquest frontier wars. the graphics are good for the age it was made so that area isnt bad. gameplay is fun because you can have up to 8 people and if you get the patches up to 5 difficultys and 300 command points, not like starcraft or warcraft where you only get 200. the sound.... ugg sometimes i just turn my speakers off cause you will send a fleet of ships in and they will get COMPLETELY decimated sometimes and the death crys just dont stop but other then that the voices are informative and its funny to listen to the people die heheh. i have a game going, and its 4 v 4 with imposible A.I. and ive been playing the map for about 3 days now anout 4 hours a day. you can have up to 16 systems with 5 planets in each (need to build on planets) so it gets huge. the internet play is a little funked up but.... i wont even go how bad it is acctualy.... im mad at this game for one thing, they shut down the multi servers i think. tis dum. but other then that i would say this is one of the better strategy games out there............. ITS discontinued so d.l the demo first from gamespot and if your intrested buy it off of the internet.