Opinion of the Assassin from Chinese version players

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The following is a thread that I saw on TQ's official forum, some comments that made by a Chinese King player. I am just posting here so that you guys may have more details about that Assassin class. LOL This is a post taken from the Chinese forums, made by a King of one of the Chinese servers. I've just translated it and cleaned it up from the Chinese. Thought you might like to hear opinions from someone who has actually played with one. Maybe this will give you a little more insight into how the Assassin will play, and what you should look forward to when they are released. Enjoy! "Assassin`s Advantages and Disadvantages in Fights I've been an Assassin for days, and found that they are really good at hunting monsters and killing in 1 hit. But to instant kill, you`ll need to use the Spirit Focus, which will cost you 5 seconds. ***For monsters, the Assassin has a higher chance to kill. Let`s suppose you are attacking the Snow Banshee with a crowd of people. With full stamina, you can use Mortal Wound up to 10 times, so dont waste your stamina in the beginning! Just wait until the monster has only half of their HP left, and you can easy kill it by continuously using Mortal Wound. ***Using Mortal Wound with Spirit Focus is the secret for Assassins to instantly kill someone, even if they have more BP than you. The Assassins with a lot of Crit attributes are able to beat Taoists to death with just one critical strike. Do not waste your stamina! When you have full stamina, you can use Spirit Focus with Mortal Wound 10 times. The Assassins with the Breakthrough attribute may be considered relatively weaker. In a word, the Assassin will never be afraid of the Taoists! They will become the first choice of who to deal with Taos. ***It's almost the same when dealing with those classes who are good at physical attacks. Focus your spirit and start using Mortal Wound! Do not be afraid of getting hit! The Assassin has very high immunity, and so much HP in their throwing knives. You won't die by just one hit, okay? You should find any chance to use Spirit Focus. Instead of restoring your stamina, remember that channeling spirit is much more important than restoring stamina for Assassins, at any time! Using Mortal Wound will just cost 15 stamina, and you need to use Stigma when you can. Well, I've been talking a lot about duels, but for group PK, the Assassin can also quickly kill a target by using Blade Flurry, after a Spirit Focus. You'll see better effects in Capture the Flag. Just stand away from the flags, and focus your spirit, then use Blade Flurry. You should have faith in your Blade Flurry. I think there will be few people alive after you use this skill. It`s also useful in Guild War, since it can hit multiple targets on the wall. If you are in a group fight outside, you just need 2 Assassins and 1 Monk in your team to wipe out your enemies!" Any comments?